The Elves are probably the oldest race and civilization on Rodariin. They are from the western regions of Moedria. The Elves is a race of intellectuals and scholars, and for this reason they are quite advanced in technology and magical prowess in comparison with the other mortal races.

The Elves have an ancient and complex culture, although it has changed many times in the course of history, some things can be traced back to the original Elven culture. The best example is the Kingdom of Lythia. This is the oldest Elven kingdom still in existence today. Elves value and respect the power of magic, and for this reason mages, wizards and witches have always claimed the higher echelons of society. The King of Lythia is in fact the most powerful mage of the kingdom, and if there are no mages available at the time, the position is filled by the descendants of the previous king.

Under the mage-caste there is the ‘blood-caste’. This caste is filled with the descendance of mages, wizards and witches. Who form the aristocracy of the kingdom. The Elves from this caste are called ‘Blood Elves’ and families are called ‘Blood-families’. A Blood Elf can only marry an other Blood Elf, since mages blood is sacred in there opinion.

Below the blood-caste there is the commoner-caste. This caste is made out of elves who are not descendance from powerful wizards or witches. They form the craftsman, merchants and warriors.

Below the commoners there are the slaves. This caste excists out of non-elven slaves who are gained by trade or conquest. They are used as a labor-force for hard and intensive work.

An average elf can reach an age around 200 years, thats alot older then most other mortal races of Rodariin. Elves are quite tall and stand at around 2 meters in length. Elven mages are more gifted in the arcane arts then most other races and thus, tend to be more powerful.


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